Initial Consultation

Welcome to Battisti Orthodontics! We are excited to have you become a member of our family. Your first visit to Battisti Orthodontics establishes a vital foundation for our relationship with you. During the first visit, we make sure to obtain important background information, like your medical history, and give you time to get to know your doctor. If you provided an email address to us, you can fill out your health history information online to save time. Otherwise, you can fill out the necessary paperwork while at the office.

Initial Examination
Your first visit to our office is for a complimentary preliminary examination that allows Dr. Battisti to get acquainted with you and determine if orthodontic treatment is needed. Dr. Battisti will tell you the general nature of the problem and possible corrective treatment. She will answer many of the questions that may concern you, such as:

  • Is treatment necessary?
  • When should it be started?
  • How long will treatment take?
  • What is the approximate cost?

Sometimes a patient is not ready for orthodontic treatment at the initial exam. These patients are then put on a recall program, if necessary. By continuing to carefully evaluate progress, we are able to better time the initiation of treatment, save time, minimize tooth extractions and obtain better results. There is no charge for these visits to our office.

Diagnostic Records
If orthodontic treatment is indicated, diagnostic records can be taken at the initial visit. The records will enable Dr. Battisti to determine what problems exist and what treatment is necessary for correction. Often, patients and/or their parents decide to do diagnostic records the day of the initial appointment to alleviate the need for an additional appointment. There is a $120 fee for the diagnostic records.

Diagnostic records include:

  1. Photos of the teeth and face: to analyze profile, visual appearance and oral hygiene conditions.
  2. Impressions to look at the teeth from a different perspective and to take exact measurements.
  3. Panoramic X-ray to give an overall view of all the teeth and to see any missing, extra, or wisdom teeth.
  4. Cephalometric X-ray film of the skull making it possible to measure the position of the teeth to the jaw skeleton and to measure the relationship of the upper and lower jaw.

Based upon all the data gathered, the orthodontic treatment including appliances that will be used will be explained at the consultation in detail. Insurance benefits and payment plan options will also be discussed then.